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Dano Tanaka - Class of '02
Rick Prest - Class of '01
Murray Duke - Class of '97




Rick Prest (from the 2001 class) went to Japan (mainly Tokyo). The following are in his own words about the sights and experiences he had:


*I built wonderful relationships with my co-workers. My friends invited me over to a barbecue at their home. *There are an abundant amount of markets that offer everything a traveler could possibly want. This is a large market near Ueno station in Tokyo. *Using chopsticks is a must in Japan. My friend took me to a restaurant that serves traditional meal consisting of mushrooms, tofu, onions, raw egg, and sashimi and of course Asahi beer. *Shinjuku, Tokyo. Shinjuku Station is one of the largest train stations in the world. Over one million people go through Shinjuku station every day.


*Shinjuku, a district of Tokyo. Department stores, clubs, and restaurants are plentiful. It is great place to have fun. *Shinkansen (bullet train). I rode the shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Shin Osaka. The trip took three hours. *Daibutsu (large Buddha), Kamakura. Kamakura is full of vigorous colored flowers, temples, shines and food. *Kinakuji (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto. Kinakuji is a breath-taking pavilion to witness, however a mirror image in the still water is momentous.


*A traditional toilet made of porcelain. Slippers are to be worn in the lavatory. *There are stone gardens throughout Japan. *The summit of Fuji san (Mount Fuji). Akemi and I started the hike at the fifth station (2304 meters) to the summit (3776 meters). The excursion to the summit was under five hours. *My friend Akemi at the summit of the largest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji. 3776 meters above sea level. The buildings situated behind her are shops, restaurants and a small temple. *Universal Studios, Osaka City. Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 3-D, Jaws, Water-world and Back draft were some of the attractions offered at Universal Studios.


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